Kartra review

Kartra: Manage your online business with ease

Are you new to the online business world? And do you require assistance in getting your business online? You’ll be relieved to learn that there is an all-in-one platform that can assist you with almost anything.
Let’s learn more about Kartra in this review.

Kartra review

What exactly is Kartra and how does it work?

Many small businesses fail before they have a chance to show what they are capable of. One of the reasons for this is that they are not adequately prepared to market.Kartra provides a solution to this issue. It is a fully integrated online marketing platform with a set of features aimed at all entrepreneurs, particularly newcomers. It provides everything your business needs to operate online, from hosting to webinars.

And, as many Kartra reviews will tell you, it does an excellent job of it. Genesis Digital, the same team behind the popular WebinarJam, launched it in 2018.Owners who are new to the game will appreciate how simple it is to use. Even if you don’t have any prior technical knowledge, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to get the hang of it.

That’s because the Kartra marketing platform includes a plethora of pre-made templates and user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces. Experienced users, on the other hand, will enjoy experimenting with complex sales funnels. They can experiment with various options and tailor their marketing campaign to their company’s requirements. There are numerous reasons to be excited about it, regardless of which group you belong to.
So far, the platform appears to be fantastic, right?
Let’s find out more about it.

What services does Kartra provide to its clients?

If you’ve ever looked at the platform, you’re aware that it has a lot of features. It’s impossible to cover them all in a single review.
But, to give you a better grasp of how the platform operates, we’ll go through the most significant of them.

Builder of Web Pages

Without a website, you can’t run an internet business. However, developing a page is more difficult than it appears. The good news is that Kartra’s page builder is its beating heart. If you don’t have much computer skills, you can use the Kartra marketing tool’s various readymade templates.
Everything from the homepage to the blog sections is included. The builder is simple to use. In fact, changing existing templates is essentially a point-and-click operation. Please keep in mind that some actions may take longer than expected to load.


It can be difficult to improve your internet business game. You must understand your clients’ needs in order to make the best decisions. Kartra, fortunately, can be used for web marketing.Split testing allows you to build two different versions of a page and present them to your visitors at random. The one that performs better will be kept, while the other will be discarded. It also allows you more freedom in terms of what you want to test. Whether you want to remove the video or duplicate the entire page, the platform can help you.

Carts and Products

The entire purpose of Kartra is to assist you in increasing your sales. As a result, we must also mention the product and cart features. You can not operate without a good shopping cart, even if your products are leagues ahead of your competitors.
Kartra, on the other hand, offers its own shopping cart that your consumers will love. You can opt to upsell or downsell a product when adding it to the platform. Depending on which option you select, it will be featured. Setting up this function, like everything else in the Kartra dashboard, is a breeze.


The platform makes it simple to build sophisticated sales funnels. In fact, no matter how many funnel pillars you have, they’re all already integrated within one ecosystem. The sequence builder employs a simple drag-and-drop mechanism to transform anyone into a marketing whiz.
You can also plan for all conceivable eventualities by using IF and THEN automations. Overall, the Kartra funnel feature is one of the platform’s finest selling points, and it works flawlessly.

Affiliate Webpage

When you use the Kartra checkout option, you may add the affiliate gateway to make things even better. Then you can enlist the help of customers to market your goods. This function even makes selecting affiliates as simple as possible. You can screen possible candidates and choose the ones who appear to be the most qualified. With the present market’s size, including affiliate marketing into your operations is a terrific idea.

Marketing via email

The Kartra email marketing capability comes next. This section of the platform focuses on providing an alternative to some of the most popular email marketing platforms.
First and foremost, this function allows you to manually enter leads or import them from a CSV file. If you’re switching from another email marketing platform, this will make the transition much easier. Second, it provides a number of useful options for communicating with customers via email or SMS.

Opt-in forms

Opt-in forms are another Kartra marketing tool that novice marketers will appreciate. There is a plethora of templates to choose from, just as there are for the bulk of the other features. The best feature is that you may customize each design to your preferences. The only thing left to do is start collecting leads after you’ve designed your opt-in forms. This feature will also make it easier for your visitors to navigate your website. Kartra can semi-share cookie data for opt-in forms because it has users all over the world. Visitors can simply click the “sign up” button without having to fill out all of the required fields.
Removing the entire process leads to an increase in leads. You can use the same code and add your opt-in form to your WordPress blog if you already have one.

Hosting of video

When it comes to selling and communicating with potential clients, video is the most effective sort of material. Furthermore, it is preferred by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter over text and photos.
As a result, any good Kartra review must include a section on the platform’s video hosting capability. Although you may load videos from anywhere, nothing compares to the alternatives provided by Kartra.
Pop-ups, lead tags, and call-to-actions are all possible with it. These factors can typically determine whether a video marketing campaign is successful or not.

There’s more, though.
If you’re selling video courses or other comparable content, you can even leverage this capability to deliver your offerings.
The player is completely customizable, so you may customize it with your company’s logo and colors.
There’s also the watermark tool, which makes it simple to safeguard your intellectual property. This is one of the best Kartra features because it allows you to watch real-time user activity and profile your viewers.
If your call-to-action starts at the two-minute mark, anyone who continues past it will be labeled as having viewed the offer.


It is less expensive to keep your existing consumers than to acquire new ones. As a result, doing everything you can to maintain them long-term makes a lot of sense. The helpdesk feature in Kartra guarantees that you have all you need to do so. It introduces a ticketing system that assigns messages to client enquiries and routes them to the appropriate service person.
Another benefit is that it saves you time by providing templates for frequently asked inquiries. Given the Kartra fee, it’s excellent that this feature is included as well.


In business, it’s vital to look for new and fresh ways to take your firm forward. Fortunately, you can use the marketplace function to accomplish this. This might also be a wonderful method to make some extra money if you establish a decent marketing strategy. You can, for example, charge other businesses who wish to use your assets instead of building their own. You can even put other services in the package and charge customers a monthly fee. This feature has been praised by many users who have written Kartra reviews online.

Kartra Courses and Membership

The next point to discuss is Kartra membership. You can create ebooks, online courses, or training materials using the platform. They’re kept on the membership site, and each transaction is treated as a regular payment. Whatever type of content you create, you can break it down into manageable portions and release sections of it every month. This feature of the Kartra network marketing platform is ideal for generating recurring revenue for your business.
If you want to learn more about how to use the platform’s marketing campaigns, funnels, and other essential features then you should check out the Kartranaut Training Program.
Previously, it was known as Kartra Academy.

User Interface and Ease of Use

We’ve arrived at the point of this Kartra review where we’ll discuss the user interface. As we previously stated, this platform is a newbie entrepreneur’s dream. It won’t be difficult to grow your business with Kartra, no matter how inexperienced you are. The user interface is really intuitive. We saw no problems while testing Kartra, regardless of the functionality we used. The only drawback is that several tools are slower than expected.

Integrations with Kartra

As you can see from the features part of this Kartra review, the platform excels at offering everything in-house. Third-party integrations, on the other hand, are sometimes unavoidable.
Kartra also provides a solution for this. It has a large number of plug-and-play integrations from a variety of areas, such as payment gateways and hub connectors.
Here is a list of them:
2. Braintree
5. Postmark
6. Kajabi
It’s also worth noting that the Katra marketing web platform can be integrated with Zapier. It’s one of the most often used tools for building bespoke integrations between multiple programs. The system is based on the IFTTT (If This, Then That) principle.
APIs, IPNs, and an unique app framework are just a few of the platform’s features.

Customer Support of Kartra

On this platform, you can obtain outstanding customer service. Sending messages to the company’s agents is a breeze with the Kartra email ticketing system. You get to choose which department you want to contact in order to get the right answer as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact the agents via live chat, which is available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. PT. We contacted them through this means and received a response within a few minutes.

Pricing for Kartra

So how much does Kartra set you back?
If you decide to give this platform a shot, you may choose from a number of different plans. Before we go over each one, it’s worth noting that paying annually can save you up to 25%.
Let’s have a look at the Kartra price plans:

Starter ($99/month): 2,500 leads, one custom domain, restricted functionality, Kartra Agency not included.
Silver ($199/month): Includes Kartra Agency, up to 12,500 leads, three custom domains, and infinite features.
Gold ($299/month): Includes Kartra Agency and up to 25,000 leads, five custom domains, and unlimited features.
Platinum ($499/month): Includes Kartra Agency and up to 50,000 leads, 10 custom domains, and unlimited features.

But what if you’re dissatisfied with how it works?
Kartra offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans.
That isn’t all, though.
If you’ve never used a platform like it before, it’s a good idea to acquire a sense of what it comprises. Despite the fact that there is no Kartra free trial, you can obtain a deal that comes close. For $1, you may try out the platform for 14 days.

Overall, Kartra is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one solution that may help you grow your internet business. It combines ecommerce and in-depth marketing to assist you in creating successful funnels and campaigns. It comes with a slew of features, none of which should be difficult to put to good use. In fact, leveraging all of them will provide your company with a plethora of new chances.
However, there are other platforms where you may acquire the same or even better services in some fields. Now let’s talk about those services.


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