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Leadpages: Make your online store appealing and noticeable

Over the years, the marketing business has seen significant advancements. Yet, in order to create new leads, marketers are still reliant on opt-in landing pages and pop-ups. Creating a landing page from scratch, on the other hand, is not a choice for those who are less tech-savvy. The same may be said for entrepreneurs with limited marketing resources. Leadpages is a tool that helps you do just that.
So, in this article, I’ll discuss Leadpages, a web-based platform that claims to provide you all the tools you’ll need to create high-converting landing pages for your lead-generation efforts.

So, what are we going to cover here?
We’ll go over the following topics:

Leadpages definition and procedure
Why do you require Leadpages?
How to Make Leadpages Work for You
The Leadpages pricing
Alternatives to Leadpages

Leadpages review

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a tool that allows users to create stunning landing pages without having to know how to code or design. Users will be able to prompt users to enter their email or other pertinent information via these landing pages. The Leadpage Editor, an easy-to-use tool that allows users to work with templates and update elements as needed, lies at the heart of Leadpages. You’ll see how the editor works later. Small businesses can use this software to connect and build connections with their target audience, collect leads, and close purchases.

What are the features of Leadpages and why do you need it?

One of the greatest landing page builders is Leadpages. It’s difficult not to be wowed by the features. They’ve managed to make this one of the most powerful business growth tools on the market while without making it so complicated that you’ll need a Ph.D. simply to get it up and running.
You’ll have a lot of fun with Leadpages if you want to create high-converting landing pages with email capture pop-ups, opt-in forms, and other exciting features.
The following are some of the company’s features:

Landing page creator

Customers can construct bespoke landing pages using the Landing Page Creator’s drag-and-drop capability, which makes it easier for them to do so. There are over 100 templates to pick from that can be categorized by industry to get you started. The templates are organized by conversion rate, which is quite helpful. It allows consumers to select a tried-and-true template based on Leadpages’ data.


You’ve probably seen Leadboxes if you’ve ever seen those pop-up boxes that appear just as you’re ready to leave a website. This handy box can appear on its own or be activated by a criteria you specify.
The most common condition is the 2-step opt-in, which requires a visitor to click a button before a pop-up box appears. Leadboxes, when used correctly, can enhance engagement and generate more leads for your company. Leadboxes, like landing pages, have a drag-and-drop editor to make it easy for users to get up and running quickly.
In addition, the organization provides Leadbox tracking. Leadbox Tracking allows you to collect and analyze data from your opt-in boxes over time to evaluate how they work.
Connect your Google Analytics or Visual Website Optimizer to get data that will aid you in deciphering your boxes.


Leadlinks are links that your email service provider inserts into your broadcast emails. The receiver is instantly registered after clicking on the link. They will not be required to enter any extra data.
This is very useful for registering for webinars and similar events.


Leaddigits also allows your audience to opt-in to your email list via texting, which is a valuable tool if you require it. MoThe goal with this one is to create a text list. Rather of only collecting email addresses, you can compile a list of people’s phone numbers. This might be quite useful, especially for the younger generation, that prefers to text rather than email.

Other services of leadpages

  1. Several marketing integrations—connect to your favorite email marketing provider, payment gateway, webinar tools, and so on.
    ⦁ Landing page hosting- Leadpages will either host all of your landing pages for you or will use your own domain name.
    ⦁ A/B testing—quick and simple a/b testing to identify which variation of your page works better in your business.
    ⦁ Detailed analytics right from your dashboard- in addition to Leadpages dashboard analytics, the platform makes it simple to use Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and other third-party analytics tools.
    ⦁ Apart from marketing connectors, Leadpages makes it simple to connect your website to third-party integrations like Joomla, WordPress plugins, Squarespace, and others.

So, there are a variety of reasons why Leadpages is still a popular choice among consumers that require quick landing pages.

How to make Leadpages work for you

After completing a fast registration process, you’ll be directed to the dashboard, where you’ll be encouraged to start creating your first campaign. You’re taken to Leadpages by default, where you may develop a landing page.

Step 1. Open Leadpages and select “Create New Leadpage” from the drop-down menu.


You may access the Landing Pages tab inside templates from your account dashboard:

You have the option of using Drag & Drop or Standard.

Step 2. Select a template and make changes

Okay, here is your chance to shine. Let’s put together a landing page!

Pre-built pieces are included in each template. This makes it incredibly simple to reorganize, change, add, or remove items as desired. It’s vital to understand that there are two sorts of templates accessible at this stage. First, there are drag-and-drop templates, which are more modern and customizable.
Then there are your standard templates, which have been tried and true to ensure good conversion rates. The sort of template you select will determine how you design a landing page (drag-and-drop or standard).
Widgets hold all of the material on your new landing page.
Each content part has its own widget.
In a nutshell, this indicates you:

  • ⦁ Title
    ⦁ Subtitle
    ⦁ Call to action
    ⦁ Images

All of them are confined to specific places.
Simply click on the widget to edit it.

Step 3. Widgets editing

  • If you’re using a Drag & Drop template, you can update it by going to the widgets tab on the left and dragging and dropping pieces onto your website.
    ⦁ Photographs
    ⦁ Films
    ⦁ Text
    ⦁ Countdown
    ⦁ Indicator of progress

But wait, there’s more!
You have complete control over the appearance and feel of your page with Leadpages.
You can also change the width and structure of your website in addition to adding widgets.

Step 4. Making changes to the page layout

The area titled—you guessed it—Page Layout is where you can change the layout of your page.

You can move sections around, rename them, and do whatever else you want with them.
After all, it’s your landing page.
The Page Styles option allows you to get even more specific and customize everything from colors to text sizes.

Step 5. Changing the look of the page

Page Styles is the paintbrush beneath Page Layout.
This is where you can make changes:
⦁ Font
⦁ Background
⦁ Width
⦁ CSS Customization
⦁ Favicon

That’s quite simple, considering you just created a fully functional landing page from scratch with a few clicks.
It’s now time to put your page online.

Step 6. Publishing your page

Your landing pages can be published on their own or under your domain name.
Publishing under a subdomain, on the other hand, may turn off your readers. It’s best if you post using your own domain name.
To do so, access the drop-down menu by clicking on the user icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
To link your own domain, select “Domains” from the drop-down menu.

Leadpages will then walk you through the process of linking your domain. You can publish the landing page on any website using the dynamic HTML options.
However, there are ways to combine the tool with other content management systems such as WordPress, Squarespace, and others.

Pricing of Leadpages

Users can sign up for a monthly, annual, or two-year subscription, with the two-year plan being the most cost-effective if you plan on staying for the long haul.
Standard, pro, and advanced are the three grades available.

Leadpages is economical enough for startups and one-man showrunners at $25 per month. The cost  benefits of being able to build and distribute landing pages for lead generation.
However, given the modest bonuses you get at that level, $48/month can be a costly price to pay. You’re better off with the most basic plan unless you have a real need for online sales and payments, as well as A/B testing. It should also be sufficient to enable you to earn additional money from your blog or website. However, Leadpages is well worth the money.

Given the low entrance price of $25, Leadpages is an excellent deal for companies.
The tool will be more than capable of delivering elegant, responsive landing pages quickly, which will help you enhance your conversion funnel and make more money.
There are, however, a plethora of options available that perform essentially the same thing, if not more.
Let’s have a look at those websites.

Leadpages Alternatives


If you’re new to the world of internet business, Systeme is the ideal software to get you started because it has everything you need in one simple platform.
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ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop website builder that lets users design everything from membership sites to sales funnels and lead generating systems, as well as product launch pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, and e-commerce systems.
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